Being a leading company, Methologik provides the best services of UI/UX development to our global clients. We develop an eye-catching and attractive design, which will increase the user interaction and drive sales of our clients. At Methologik, we have an expert and highly professional team of UI/UX developers who have years of experience in their field. Our expert team follows some steps including clients' and stakeholders' requirements, compiling user persona, creating a product roadmap, working on low and high fidelity visuals prototypes, design sprints, and testing to build the best UI/UX designs for our clients.

Design sprints

Design sprints work best for any business problem. It is also valuable to solve high-level and complicated problems. We build a complete product management, service design and delivery strategy. Our team ardently invests in the design to validate each idea because each sprint is different.

Clients and stakeholders requirements

In the first step, our UI/UX experts learn our clients’ requirements to gather the information. It is those requirements which shows that what is needed for the success of a product or service. This step can be done by using a questionnaire. We sent a questionnaire to our clients and when the client gives answers then we move forward for the next step.

Compiling user persona

Our team compile user persona by starting the design process. The design process starts by conducting user research, empathize with the targeted user and find out what exactly they need from the product we are designing for them.

Creating a product roadmap

We learn, build, and measure. It’s an overview of the program for a better user interface. UI/UX are integral parts of a successful tech startup. Our experts create a good roadmap that will help our clients to get the information they need and it will also help them to plan and organize their future activities.

Working on high and low fidelity visuals prototypes

The purpose of using the prototype is to know the behavior of the product and sees how it will work in reality. We design both high and low fidelity visuals and fully-cooperative and interactive prototypes for our clients.

Quality Assurance

Testing is the last step in the design of UI/UX. It is the process of identifying the interaction of the website’s elements with its audience and the best solution for any website. We, at Methologik, use three types of testing which include A/B testing, Usability, and Dry Testing. We use A/B testing to check the relationship of the independent variable with the dependent variable, and usability to implement the user’s insight with the user interface.

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Brief about the project

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“We were confused about our Feedback App "The Insight Hub" but choosing Methologik was our excellent idea to create our Application and now we have been linked with our amazing Surveys through Analytics Thanks, Methologik and its team in helping to create such a brilliant idea website.”

Hani Ather
Brand Manager - ICI Pakistan

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“We talked to Methologik to look after our Digital Marketing. Their attentive, hands on approach has made a real difference and we have seen improvements across the board. If you want to take your Digital Marketing to the next level, talk to the guys in Methologik.”

Marketing Head - Ideal Choice

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“Fantastic work! I am just impressed by their service quality and working strategy. I hired them for the development of my online store and they have satisfied me to the full by delivering the exceptional solution. They have a great expertise, are dedicated, attentive, talented and care much about the client needs. Highly recommended!”

Nabeel Akhtar
Director - Shop At Tip

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“We came into contact with Methologik for Dalil AlQahwa Application. The developers at the company were prompt in developing the seamless mobile applications that not only fit my specifications but also exceeded my expectations. The app is not just attractive in the looks but also offers enhanced engagement to the users. I am really impressed by their talent and professionalism.”

Saleem Al Shomelian
CEO - Dalil AlQahwa